PDF Enhancer
PDF Enhancer helps you take a single "general purpose" PDF file and target it to a specific use - Print, Web and more. Each Target consists of a collection of settings about what optimizations and improvements you want applied to each document. Techniques such as image optimization, unused or duplicate element removal, and analysis of the internals of PDF files for additional redundancies aid in reducing the size of many PDFs. With its industry standard ICC-based color conversion engine, full featured imposition, page box and stamping managers, PDF Enhancer provides the tools for repurposing your PDF files for the intended target.
PDF Shrink

PDF Shrink is software for securing and shrinking the size of PDF documents.

PDF Constructor
PDF Constructor supplies an XML-based means for businesses to produce personalized documents quickly and dynamically.
PDFspy is the ultimate “get info” utility for your PDF documents. It can extract a comprehensive list of attributes from a PDF file into an XML-based format.
Convert PS and PDF to TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG. Distill to PostScript, PDF and PDF/X. Available as a Windows COM/.NET server or Java JNI library.
Switch fully automates the quality of your files, and exactly how they're created, shared and received.