Customer Quotes

I've updated our servers and done some simple, initial tests; the 3.5 version is a lot faster - almost 50% - than 3.2, which is great news for us as we process thousands of pdf files every hour. At the same time, 3.5 compressed the pdf files better, again by almost 50% compared to 3.2. Great work - thank you very much!

- Bernt Rostad
Retriever Norge AS

PDF Enhancer has proven to be invaluable for getting file sizes down to the minimum, without any loss of image quality - even for intense graphical files. ... If you process PDF files through a multi-stage workflow, PDF Enhancer is vital for controlling the output files in a consistent and compact manner.

- Noah Katz
Aspen Systems Corporation

If you are a Pitstop user, you need to take this for a spin around the track!

- Michael Jahn
PDF Evangelist

Future Network USA needed a reliable solution for converting our magazines' high-resolution PDF pages into a format suitable for use in Zinio's digital magazines. We used PDF Enhancer to reduce the size of the files and automatically crop each page to the final trim size. PDF Enhancer will save us a significant amount of time and money each issue by allowing us to build our electronic magazine pages in-house with minimal time and effort.

- Richie Lesovoy
Future Networks USA

PDF Enhancer
Obtaining a License Key for the CLI

PDF Enhancer uses a unique license key mated to a unique host id for validation. You will need to provide the unique host id to to get a matching license key. If you are trying the software, you will receive a 30-day key. If you have purchased the software, you will receive a non-expiring permanent key.

To display the unique host id, just run pdfe l. It will display a usage message similar to this with the host id at the end:

pdfenhancer version 3.8.XXXXX

UNREGISTERED: Apago host id 78:d1:fa:ed:6c:23

Please send your host-id to and we will generate either a demo license or a permanent license if you purchased the product. When you send the host id, please include the product name, PDF Enhancer, and the last 4 digits of your order number if you purchased the software.

Once you receive the license key, you will need to put it somewhere that the program can access. There are three options.

1) You can pass the license key on the command-line.

"pdfe -license REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_LICENSE -o (output_pathname.pdf) (input_pathname.pdf)"

2) You can have PDF Enhancer store the license key in a file.


Enhancer will write the license key to the registry on Windows and to your home directory on OS X. You can then run the program with the command:

"pdfe -o (output_pathname.pdf) (input_pathname.pdf)"

3) You can create a preferences file in a different location containing the line "key = REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_LICENSE" and point to the preferences file location on the command-line at runtime.

"pdfe -setup (pathname_to_preferences_file) -o (output_pathname.pdf) (input_pathname.pdf)"

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