Apago provides innovative software solutions for the manipulation of PDF, PostScript, and common graphics formats. Our product line ranges from simple desktop utilities like our bestselling PDF Shrink to full featured server applications like the new version 3.5 of our award-winning PDF Enhancer and custom developed, distributed processing, workflow systems for large enterprise applications. Please browse our site to review our products and services. Then contact us to discuss how we can help with the work in your organization.

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PDF Enhancer 3.8 update announced

A major update to this powerful PDF workflow software, version 3.8 continues to add features requested by our loyal users while reducing processing times and improving document quality. PDF Enhancer 3.8 is available from authorized resellers or from Apago’s online store.

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PDF Shrink 4.8 ships

Apago is pleased to announce that PDF Shrink 4.8 is now available. This free update includes many bug fixes, new file reduction techniques and is compatible with Apple's Mac OS X 10.8 (Mavericks) operating system.

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New Version of Powerful Repurposing Software, PDF Enhancer, Is now Available.

PDF Enhancer 3.8 is a better PDF Enhancer with faster performance, better error handling, more fault tolerance and decreased memory usage. It also has many new features including JPEG 2000 compression, AES 256-bit encryption, compressed object streams and XRef tables, support for PDF 1.7, and CID font formats. The user interface got a mild rework and update including streamlined serial number entry and some rewording. We also consolidated the purchasing options down to two editions – The Professional Edition and The Advanced Server Edition.

PDF Enhancer is high-volume, batch-based utility that allows you take a single general purpose PDF and target it to a specific use - Print, Web and more. Each Target consists of a collection of settings about what optimizations and improvements you want applied to each document to help you automate any repetitive PDF workflow.

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